My first encounter with nature

At Meclodganj

Not always have i wrote something like this about an experience but the reason for me writing this is because i got to learn a couple of things. Nature, the core element of our existence. Without nature we are nothing , Each and every being on Earth needs nature to survive. In fact , we are nature or let’s say the byproducts of nature. We humans were ment to to live peacefully and with love and with the prime motive of protecting it but do we ? It is so pure and has provided us with everything we need to live not just survive. I was unaware of all the things till now and i got enlightened by the nature , for the nature and not only that but it also helped me to look within my myself and helped me to believe in me again . It brought me back to life and unclogged my perception of what was right and what was wrong and it showed me the way , I was blind to see how my actions affected other people it made me realize the things which i i was doing wrong . Till now I as any other 19 year old man craved the money-grabbing things…little did I know that it had no meaning . The real meaning , the real happiness comes from the little things in life like the last time you saw your loved one or found money in your pocket you forgot about..that is happiness. It has connected me to myself in ways you cannot imagine which was necessary . Otherwise i would just be another brick in the wall . Words cannot describe how thankful i am of Mother Nature . I don’t know how many people i can influence by the words that i wrote to protect the chief element of our own existence but i hope i can . Finally this is my last day in dharamkot in the heart of nature . I cannot believe that my time here is over . but it’s also necessary to go back to my city and fix the things that I’ve broken and to do the job thay is undone. I hope to come back soon. Hungry for more. #Core #Spirit #GAIA

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