Lost in freedom

Apollo in a blissful state just by being in the moment #beherenow

Walking around in the streets of this beautiful town. I tasted the pleasant smell of freedom. Roaming around listing to Pink Floyd i realized that there was something holding me back and it was none other than the guy i see in the mirror. Freedom does comes with a price but the things that go along with it are manifestation , new thoughts , ideas , experiences . You increase your knowledge , you get to know who you truly are . You discover yourself, because the only companion that you have are your thoughts . When you’re alone you seek advice , you ask questions and find out that all the answers are buried deep inside you and it’s just a matter of time before you notice it. You find out that the obstacles of your past are just silly little obstacles of your own mind. You find out that the only thing holding you back was you and when you find that out , You discover yourself. #lostyetfound #Scentoffreedom

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